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Jennifer Lost The War lyrics


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     Jennifer Lost The War
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        Jennifer lost the war today
    You'll find her burned and raped
    Through it all
    She must have wondered
    What have I done
    But nobody really cares today
    The world's a busy place
    Guess she must have really sinned

    I guess we're all just soldiers
    She was only six years old
    Left to die by strangers
    Her family waits
    And if we're all just soldiers
    Is it so wrong to be afraid

    Phoebe lost the war today
    There must be some mistake
    Say it happens all the time
    And it's said and done
    And Little Miss 1565 Your soul remains unclaimed
    Guess you must have really sinned

    Morality won't help her
    When she lies silent in a morgue
    And all our sorrows just don't count at all
    But will the morning headlines
    Even say that it's a shame
    What are we headin' for

    Seen it all before
    Silent on the ground
    As he's walking away
    And I wonder how many more
    Everybody takes it
    Like it's nothing at all
    Jennifer lost the war
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